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  HOME   /   FLOWERS Purple OG #18 weed $ 240.00 Purple OG #18 weed quantity   ADD TO CART Add to wishlist Category:  Flowers   DESCRIPTION REVIEWS (0) Hybrid – 70% Indica / 30% Sativa THC: 15% – 20% Purple OG #18 weed is an i nd ica do mina nt hybrid (70% ind i ca/30% s at iva) strain. Also, it is a cross of the classic Purple Wreck with the potent OG #18. This bud has a super spicy woody grape f la vor with hints of savory diesel on each herbal exhale. This bud has dense fluffy dark g re en spade-sh ap ed nugs with purple leaves, long thin amber hairs, and a coating of tiny crystal trichomes. Purple OG #18 weed The resulting child of this lethal combination brings on powerful effects and a hefty 15-20% average THC level. You’ll feel a subtle rush of lifted happiness behind your eyes and in the back of your head just a few minutes after your first few hits of Purple OG #18. This will quickly spread throughout the rest of your body with warming numbing waves that leave you feeling utte
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